The best camera bags for landscape photographers this fall

The long, hot summer months are starting to draw in, and the promises of cooler fall temperatures are beginning to tease us; for landscape photographers, this means hikes into the wilderness with our camera gear are right around the corner, and one thing we all need for excursions like this are camera bags.

It’s easy for landscape photographers to think about the cameras, tripods, filters and lenses they’ll use to capture the beauty of the world around them. However, one item that’s always overlooked is the simple yet essential camera bag.

It is crucial to have the right camera bag to get your gear where you need it to go. Pick the wrong camera bag to take with you on your excursion, and you’ll be uncomfortable, and your kit might not be well protected. Picking the right camera bag that can be made to fit your frame, protect you from strain, and protect your equipment is far more important than most photographers acknowledge.

In this roundup, we’ll take a quick look at four camera bags that landscape photographers swear by. These camera bags are tried and true. The bags are spacious, durable, and comfortable. They can carry everything from cameras to lenses and tents to hydration solutions. The best part is that they’re priced right as well. So, let’s take a look at four camera bags landscape photographers should check out before hiking season this fall.

PGYTECH OneMo 25L backpack — A hybrid bag for modern creators

landscape photographers

The OneMo from PGYTECH is a highly versatile camera bag ideal for landscape photographers who like to be out at dawn and home by dusk. On top of being incredibly comfortable, thanks to its padding and strap system, this bag can hold a lot of gear, and it protects it well. In our full review, we said:

“There is room for pretty much everything you can imagine, we packed everything we needed for a day trip. Totaling over 17 pounds, the padding on the back, shoulder straps and chest straps made it comfortable to wear.”

Julie Powell

On this particular trip, Julie took her camera, lenses, a drone, filters, batteries and more. There was even room to spare, thanks to the expandable zippers. If you’re looking for a water-resistant camera bag for day hikes that won’t break the bank, check out the OneMo 25L from PGYTECH. It’s a bargain at under $200.

Tenba Solstice 24L — All-day comfort for landscape photographers


The Tenba Solstice has been one of my go-to camera bags for years now, and despite how much use it has seen, my copy of the bag still looks as good as new. This camera bag can carry everything landscape photographers need while being extremely comfortable to wear. You can fit two DSLR/mirrorless camera bodies, up to seven lenses, plus accessories in this bag. There’s even room for a 13-inch laptop or tablet. There are tripod and water bottle storage pockets and spacious front and top pockets. The bag also repels the rain well, too.

However, it’s the straps and padding that make this bag shine. The thick padded shoulder straps make carrying gear to your destination effortless. The waist and sternum straps add even more comfort, and they help disperse the weight of your equipment. One party trick I like is that you can swing the bag around on your waist to get access to the back without taking the bag off. It’s genius. If you’re a landscape photographer who likes to be prepared for all situations, this camera bag, which costs less than $200, could be for you.

Lowepro Photosport Pro 55L — For adventurous landscape photographers

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The Lowepro PhotoSport Pro 55L is a bag for landscape photographers who like to go on multiday hikes out in the wilderness. The bag is strong enough to survive the backcountry yet soft and supportive in all the right places. Here’s what we said about it in our full review:

“The build quality is fantastic. The accessory strap system makes the bag very versatile and the adjustable harness system and lumbar support make this is a very comfortable bag.”

Gear Editor — Brett Day

The bag is incredibly comfortable and can be made to fit just about any size torso. In addition, the bag can hold multiple cameras, lenses, a tent, a sleeping bag, a hydration bladder, clothes, and rations. The Lowepro PhotoSport Pro 55L might be a little expensive at just under $500, but If you need a camera / multi-function bag that can carry it all on your next landscape photography adventure and that makes no compromises, check it out.

WANDRD FERNWEH 50L — For hardcore landscape photographers

The WANDRD FERNWEH is a camera bag you take when you know the hike to your shoot location gets serious. The FERNWEH has a dedicated waterproof compartment that can hold a hydration bladder, which comes in handy. The FERNWEH also has a rugged, waterproof coating and is not afraid to get down and dirty. I put mine through hell, and it held up without breaking a sweat.

The main compartment has four entry points, which makes getting to your gear easy. The FERNWEH also works with any of the WANDRD camera cubes. This means you can easily hot-swap your kit between WANDRD bags. The FERNWEH is incredibly comfortable. You can make this camera bag fit you thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps. There are also sternum and waist straps for added support. At under $400, the FERNWEH is a no-brainer for landscape photographers who live life on the edge. Find out more about it in our full review.