Testing out the new Kodak Gold 200 medium format film

When news of the Kodak Gold 200 released in medium format came out, it set the film photography community in high spirits. After all, we don’t always have new films introduced or brought back in the digital age. So, if you’re shoot mostly medium format, I’m sure you’ve started looking for some sample snaps and reviews by now.

LA-based Willem Verbeeck is among the latest we’ve found testing it out. He brought four rolls to shoot using a Mamiya 7. His locations of choice for this are Lone Pine and Death Valley. Both turned out perfect for showcasing the vibrant colors of this beloved film.

Seeing his results, I can totally see why medium format film photographers are especially excited about this film. Not everyone can shoot with the likes of Kodak Portra 400 on a whim. So, more affordable options like the Kodak Gold 200 are very much welcome.

“The new 120 format Kodak Professional Gold 200 is an affordable, entry-level color film featuring an ideal combination of warm saturated color, fine grain, and high sharpness. It is designed for photographers shooting at any level for daylight and flash capture,” goes the official announcement for the new film. Kodak Moments, a division of Kodak Alaris, made the new medium format film available for dealers, retailers, and distributors across the globe. As such, your go-to film supply stores may already have it on pre-order.

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