Put down the camera and immerse yourself in art and culture

As a photographer, I rarely leave the house on an outing without taking the camera. It’s in my nature to want to capture everything. But sometimes, we get so caught up in the capturing that we lose sight of living in the moment, enjoying the experience we ventured to see.

Live in the moment

I recently went on a family outing to the Melbourne Museum to see an Ancient Greek exhibit. It was sadly smaller than I was expecting, but truly enchanting and inspiring.

All those pieces of everyday life, are captured as magnificent art. Vases, sculptures, jewelry and more. We also stopped by the dinosaur exhibits — always a favorite since I was a kid. It reminded me that these exhibits are capturing moments in time, just as we as photographers are.

Immerse yourself

Our next stop was a fabulous immersive exhibit of Vincent Van Gogh at The LUME. This was my first time at this exhibit and it was incredible. THE LUME Melbourne is a unique interactive adventure, offering a new and unique perspective on the art of Van Gogh. It’s an experience held in this new multisensory gallery space.

The art was on the walls, the floor on suspended panels all around. All his art, plus pieces from his own collection and notes from letters and such. Complete with a life-size copy of his bedroom and a mirror room full of sunflowers.

There was wonderful music that completed the immersive experience, as well as art and interpreted dance inspired by Van Gogh’s work. I sat in bliss for over an hour just letting the music, images and emotions wash over me. Yes, I did take a few snapshots on my phone. But IF I can my camera with me, I don’t think I would have just sat. I was totally immersed in the art and the culture of this exhibit.

What’s the point?

What’s the point of immersing yourself in art and culture? It made me feel totally inspired and energized — invigorated even.

Living in the moment allowed me the chance to experience something truly wonderful. You may have something totally different in your local area, but I am sure that there is an art gallery or museum near you. Even going to the zoo, the dog park or going for a simple walk in the woods. Sometimes leaving the camera at home and living in the moment, is simply good for the soul. Enjoy.

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