Ferrofish update A32 range

Ferrofish A32pro

Ferrofish have just announced a major update to their popular A32 multichannel A-D/D-A converter. The new A32pro (and its network-ready cousin the A32pro Dante) add a host of extra features compared with the earlier model, and also incorporates improved converters, courtesy of ESS Technology (previous A32-series boxes employed Cirrus Logic chips).

Outwardly, the new A32pro models sport a large, hi-res colour touchscreen in place of the original’s twin (non-touch) TFTs, along with an extra headphone output and a new black livery. Around the back, the 32 analogue I/O (on D-subs), four pairs of ADAT ports and twin MADI I/O remain, as do the dual-redundant PSU sockets. A stereo pair of monitor output jacks has been added, for which the MIDI DIN I/O have been replaced with Type A mini-jacks to make room. Naturally, the Dante model adds a pair of Ethernet sockets.

Intriguingly, the new A32pro boxes also sport a pair of expansion ports for ‘DSP sticks’, which Ferrofish say will be able to accommodate future SHARC DSP upgrades. As on the previous model, there’s some DSP fitted as standard to take care of signal routing and format conversion, and on the new models this can be controlled in a number of ways: via traditional MIDI, using the MIDI-over-MADI protocol, via USB, from a Dante network, or using the new GPIO ports.

We were very impressed with the original A32 when we reviewed it back in 2017, so we have little doubt that these new models will tick all the same workhorse boxes. The Ferrofish A32pro and A32pro Dante will go on sale in April, priced at £2429 and £3179 respectively.