Yes, Apple Services Are Down Right Now

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Apple is experiencing massive technical difficulties, and widespread reports of outages for its various services are flooding the internet.


The company’s own status page shows that several of its most popular products aren’t working. Multiple reports—including from Down Detector, which tracks website and app outages—have shown that users of iCloud, Apple Music, the App Store, iTunes, Apple TV, iMessage, Mail, Contacts, Find My, Apple Maps, FaceTime, Apple Fitness+, and even our beloved domestic helper Siri all appear to be having major problems. Additionally, Bloomberg reports that Apple’s internal systems, both for its corporate offices and its Apple Store retail locations, are down as well. The company reportedly sent internal messages notifying employees that domain name system (DNS) problems led to the outage. While the full extent of these outages and the regions they are affecting is unclear at this time, it might be safe to assume that they’re impacting a majority of Apple’s major platforms and services.

Twitter is alight with complaints from people claiming they can’t reach one Apple product or another:

Apple’s system status page—which keeps a live tally of how well its products and services are working—shows that the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Business Manager, Apple Radio and Podcasts, Apple Arcade, Apple Schoolwork, and Apple TV + are all having major problems, but only “some users” are affected, not all. Apple hasn’t issued a statement on what it is doing about the outages or what their cause might be. However, we’ve reached out to the company for clarification on what the heck is going on and will update this story if they respond.

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It’s possible that whatever is causing the problems for Apple is also causing issues for a number of other companies, as Down Detector appears to show a number of other large companies and platforms also reporting outages.

Apple’s system status page lagged behind many users’ experiences of the outage, and the fact that it took a minute to update seriously peeved several.