Why You Won’t Get A Key Fob With A New Tesla

In an era where keyless entry and start define the user-friendly engagement system, why would anyone want to carry another plastic gadget in their pockets. One can argue against the “phone as a key” solution that is gaining strong traction. What if the phone runs out of juice, or gets misplaced? Or if your Tesla car needs to be handled by a car valet? Well, for such scenarios, Tesla already offers the  key card with its cars at no extra cost. It is slim, light, and slots in a wallet just like a typical credit or business card. 

If one were to read the winds flowing at an industry, it’s not just Tesla, but rivals that are also gravitating towards phone-based access solution for their cars owing, primarily because of the convenience aspect. For Tesla owners dreaming about the fob, they have no other option than paying a minimum of $150, depending on the Tesla model in their garage. Plus, it also happens to be more secure than the fob, so there’s that. The move makes sense from a security perspective because the key fob offered by Tesla has been found to be vulnerable to attacks on multiple occasions in the past.