Why you should have an engagement shoot before your big day

The clock is ticking, and the big day is just around the corner; every bride needs a breather, a time to relax and recollect her thoughts. What better way to celebrate this day than an engagement shoot, where the couple can have a blast getting their pictures taken?

In this article, we’ll spotlight the importance of having an engagement shoot before the wedding ceremony. We’ll also introduce some tips and tricks to help you plan the engagement shoot perfectly and make the best of it before the long-awaited wedding day.

While most people tend to focus on the hectic process of having a wedding day, preparatory steps are equally as important. It is a turning point for all couples, a celebration announcing they’re ready for the next big step.

Relax and have a great opportunity to work in front of a camera

For some people posing and taking photos comes naturally, while others feel nervous and odd about standing before the camera. To avoid fuss and nervousness, a carefully planned session with a photographer will help the couple understand the situation better. Getting aquatinted with the camera relaxes the couple. Figuring out the best poses and how to move becomes a smoother process, and it lessens the awkwardness and prepares them for the big day.

Photo by Lisa Robinson


Have a better understanding of your big-day theme

Dig deep and decide what the dream wedding will look like. Each individual has their vision, and as a couple, the future bride and groom-to-be should discuss what venue suits their theme best.

Weather and seasons affect the theme they pick, and when it’s winter, couples usually go for classic rustic and vintage settings. However; summer is perfect for an outdoor wedding theme; a national park, a large garden venue, or a beach theme.

Do you have your heart set on marrying as the sun goes down on the blue horizon of the sea? Then, research elements and the requirements that best portray the beauty of the ocean. Being in the hot weather, you should shield your eyes from the sunlight and protect your eyes from UV rays. Create a cool fun look and impress the guests with a bold choice of fashionable sunglasses.

Suitable lighting for photography also does a great deal; be mindful of what to choose so you memorably translate your emotions. Aesthetics may seem hard to deal with, but the occasion will be astonishingly satisfying once you figure out the plan.

Good chance to get to know your photographer better

Work and pleasure mix in this situation; set a date to meet the photographer and get to know them. Ask them about how they work and check some samples of previous photo shoots that they have done. Befriending the photographer makes communicating ideas much easier.

See if it is possible to attend one of their sessions and observe how they work. Or, ask them for a trial session and see how you feel about them. Professional photographers usually feel confident during the photoshoot and have creative ideas and share them with clients. The method they follow will tell about how they contact foreseeable clients and how they direct such interactions.


Test your wedding look

Please consider this photoshoot an opportunity to try on your dress; see how well it moves. Is it light to carry? Does it reflect your personality?

Experiment with different hairstyles and see what kind of makeup you want to wear. It’s the perfect occasion to do a trail run. Runny makeup and frizzy hair are a no-go. Jewelry accentuates your look; simple earrings and necklaces are the best options.

Allow your engagement ring to be the star of the show. Matching your engagement ring with a wedding band can help it shine even brighter on your special day. As a symbol of the love and commitment you share with your partner, your engagement ring is a stunning and precious piece of jewelry that deserves to be showcased. Amid all the other details to consider, such as your dress and hair, it’s important to take the time to properly highlight your ring. By selecting a wedding band that complements your engagement ring, you can allow it to take center stage and truly sparkle on your wedding day.

These photos from the engagement shoot can be pieced together a collage to look upon for years to come. Or, they can be edited and put into a montage to display as the bride walks down the aisle on her wedding day. Some couples place their photo at the entrance, and some use them as save-the-date wedding invitations.

Last but not least, write down your steps and place a checkmark near the tasks you’ve done. Remember that the venue and theme go together. Once you figure out these two, start picking out the dress and hairstyle.

Editor’s note: We welcome this guest post from Breanna Howell. Breanna is a freelance visual storyteller and public relations specialist. As a blogger and mother of two millennials, she is passionate about providing inspiration and support to anyone on their journey towards a fantastic marriage.