We visited Victoria’s Secret stores in the US and the UK, and found an uneven, sprawling product selection as the lingerie brand struggles to transform

  • Victoria’s Secret is a global beauty and lingerie brand that operates around 1,400 stores globally.
  • The company has struggled to adapt to shifting beauty standards and changing consumer demands.
  • Insider visited two stores, one in the United Kingdom and the other in the United States.

Victoria’s Secret is a global beauty and lingerie brand that’s long been synonymous with its now defunct “Angels” and extravagant fashion shows.

The brand first came on the scene in 1977 and later became a staple in shopping malls. However in recent years, owing to internal struggles and changing beauty standards, the company has experienced a number of difficulties as its tried to shed its overtly sexy image.

In 2020, the company shuttered 250 stores in the United States and Canada. A year later, Victoria’s Secret’s former parent company L Brands spun off the retailer. The newly-independent company now says it operates around 1,400 locations worldwide. 

Currently, the company is pushing to change its image to a more relaxed, accessible, and inclusive style. But not every location has made the shift yet.

Insider recently visited two Victoria’s Secret stores to check-in on the transformation. We visited a shop in the United Kingdom and a location in the United States. Here’s what we saw: