Train the way you want to – Smartwatch workout modes

Smartwatch Workouts

Along with being an essential lifestyle accessory, smartwatches today can help you take your fitness to the next level. Due to the integration of several workout modes, you can experience accurate performance tracking across a number of fitness regimes. Whether you like to run on a treadmill or indulge in some yoga, strap on your smartwatch and indulge in the routine of your choice.

A way to work out for every athlete

Track stars

Step Tracker

For marathon preparations and early morning jogs, smartwatches with built-in GPS can track your speed and distance in real time. Create multiple running trails and use route map visualisation to plan the perfect course. If you prefer running indoors, you can assess your performance and get detailed reports on the number of calories you burn, your heart rate and hydration levels.

Heavy lifters

Heavy Weight Lifters

Get the best results from your daily weight training sessions by strapping on your smartwatch. At home or in the gym, tracking your workout can provide additional insight into the effectiveness of your complete routine. By working with your smartwatch, you can address weight loss and muscle gain in a more methodical manner. You can maintain daily performance logs and identify changes in your body overtime.

Outdoor athletes

Outdoor Athelete

A smartwatch can function as a personal coach for both pro athletes and casual sports lovers. From basketball, football, cricket to badminton, smartwatches give you the luxury of training to the sport of your choice. Auto sports recognition on these devices instantly tracks your performance as soon as it senses you in motion. Measure your activity, identify your strengths and work on areas that require improvement.

Mindful yogis

Mindful Yoga

If you prefer partaking in some light stretching or yoga, smartwatches can help you find your inner Zen. By tracking your heart rate, breath and stress levels, you can move closer to achieving holistic wellness. The addition of 3D motion tracking makes it easy to monitor even the most complex body movements, ensuring that you get meaningful insight into your overall routine.

Swimming champs

Swimming Champs

Water resistant smart gear is safe to use if you are a swimmer. Look for products with 5ATM water resistance since they operate well underwater. Keep a count on the number of laps you cover, monitor your speed and assess your total swim time. Real time motion tracking can even help you perfect your form and improve your efficiency. From preparing for a swimming gala to relaxing in the pool, a smartwatch can make your sessions more fun and rewarding.

Travel enthusiasts

Travel Enthusiast

Hikers, climbers and trekkers can also use a smartwatch to pursue fitness on-the-go. With dedicated modes to keep a check on the distance and speed of your expedition, you can turn your trip into a pursuit for fitness. Get periodic hydration reminders to ensure that you do not burn yourself out. You can even focus on rest and recovery by ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep after an entire day of hiking.

With a plethora of workout modes to suit your needs, smartwatches have made pursuing a fitness lifestyle a reality. If you are looking for a watch to give your training sessions a leg up, you can consider browsing through our extensive collection of Noise smartwatches. With several sports modes to make use of, train to the routine of your liking.