Top 5 TWS earbuds for you to explore

Best Wireless Earbuds

With a stream of innovation in the wireless audio segment, TWS earbuds have become a lot more desirable. This technology has been steadily improving by upgrading both its sound quality and sound output. Moreover, with the integration of a number of smart audio modes, it has become easy to augment sound to your preference. Whether you enjoy listening to music, streaming a movie or playing a game, earbuds can enhance the audio to complement your activity.

If you are looking for a pair of trendy and premium earbuds, we have put together a list of products that can address all your audio needs.

Air Buds+

Air Buds+

Get seamless connectivity in a classic aesthetic with the Air Buds+. Featuring a unique no-fall design, these earbuds are crafted to stay in place, despite rugged usage. Silicone ear-tips let you experience round the clock comfort, no matter where you are. With the addition of InstachargeTM, you can get up to 80 minutes of power in just 8 minutes of charging. Hyper SyncTM technology lets you connect instantly to your last paired device.

Air Buds Pro

Air buds Pro

Tune out every distraction and focus purely on the music with the Air Buds Pro. Adjust your sound to your liking with multiple audio modes including Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. The addition of quad microphones makes these earbuds a great choice for long hours of calling. Control your music hands-free and enjoy complete touch access on the Air Buds Pro.  

Buds Prima

NOise BUds Prima 

If gaming is your preferred pastime, the Noise Buds Prima is your go-to option. Hear the scurrying of nearby enemy and conquer every arena by activating the dedicated gaming mode. With up to 42 hours of total runtime – these earbuds offer the longest total playtime of any Noise earbuds. The integration of voice assistance lets you get things done with the convenience of your voice.

Shots Neo 2

Shots Neo 2

Equipped with a 6mm speaker driver, the Shots Neo 2 is designed for the love of bass. Experience powerful, bass rich sound across all your audio needs. Made to be comfortable and ergonomic, the earbuds come with secure fin tips that can further lock-in the sound. MEMs microphones in each earbud ensure that you enjoy seamless calls with no lag. Full touch access reduces your smartphone usage, as you can control everything from music, to calls and even access your voice assistant with a few quick taps on the earbuds.

Buds Solo

Buds Solo

Personalise your sound with the many audio modes on the Buds Solo. With the integration of Hybrid ANC and Transparency Mode, tune in the way you prefer. Its triple mic system ensures that all your calls are clear and lag-free. Available in 4 classy shades, the earbuds come with up to 36 hours of total runtime. In-ear detection can automatically play/pause your music when you put on or remove your earbuds.

Explore our complete collection of Noise audio accessories today, and pick the one that best suits your needs. We offer a range of exciting earbuds and neckbands that can make your daily listening sessions more immersive and enjoyable.