Top 10 tech conferences in Dubai in 2023

Dubai has always been a tech hub to watch in Saudi Arabia. However, in recent years it’s rivaling tech hub giants like New York and Singapore—and with good reason. Dubai’s vibrant culture, coupled with its modern infrastructure, and with the UAE being among the richest countries in the world, there’s no wonder Dubai has become such a hotspot for innovation and tech. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up Dubai’s top tech events for 2023. Dubai should already be on most travelers’ go-to list; however, these tech conferences and events are guaranteed to get you on a first-name basis with the Emirates Air crew this year.  

Top 10 tech events in Dubai in 2023

1. Dubai Fintech Summit: an international conference for the future of fintech and finance

  • Dates: 8-9th May 2023
  • Location: Madinat, Jumeirah, Dubai
  • Cost: US $599 – $9,000
  • Speakers: H.E. Abdullah Bin Touq Al Marri, H.E. Essa Kazim, Jenny Johnson
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If you’re in a governing body or an Enterprise in tech then this expo is for you. The Dubai Fintech summit will collect big data policy makers, cybersecurity leaders, and leading exhibitors to highlight Dubai’s emergence as a leading fintech hub across the globe. The summit combines 1,000+ qualified investors, 120+ speakers, and over 50 countries to bring you a fintech event to remember.

2. CRYPTOVSUMMIT: helping crypto companies and investors meet in the United Arab Emirates

  • Dates: 10th May 2023
  • Location: Dubai Mall
  • Cost: US $149 – $1499
  • Speakers: Veiko Krünberg, James Sun, Dr. Zayed Al Hemairy
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50+ Exhibitors, 1,000+ attendees, and 300+ founders gather to discuss the future of machine learning and crypto, share groundbreaking case studies, and to build their knowledge on the crypto industry. You’ll have the chance to listen to some of the biggest providers and leaders in the market with names from companies like Riddec, MintNFT, cXchange, and more. 

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3. Seamless Middle East: the future of digital commerce  

  • Dates: 23-24th May 2023
  • Location: Dubai World Trade Center
  • Cost: Free -US $900
  • Speakers: Arif Ahmed, Sateesh Kumar Challa, Priyanthini McNair, Reem Alshammari
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Seamless has been hosting a meeting place for digital commerce businesses across the middle east for over 20 years. Take your pick from a premium conference experience, free access to a multi-brand exhibition, and a wealth of networking opportunities for entrepreneurs in the depths of digital transformation. This event will cover everything from payments and fintech to digital marketing and e-commerce. 

4. FiNext Conference: the biggest banking, finance, and fintech expo

  • Dates: 21-22nd June 2023
  • Location: Dubai World Trade Center
  • Cost: US $999 – $3,999
  • Speakers: Ramkumar B., Neeraj Gupta, Andrea Prazakova
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A safe space for the finance industry to come together, learn from each other and innovate with the best tech on the market. This expo promises to hold space for fintech pros, blockchain enthusiasts, data science experts, and some fintech leaders from companies such as Barclays, Mastercard, McKinsey & Company, and more. Plus, you’ll see the FiNext Awards and have plenty of in-person networking opportunities to meet those at the forefront of the game.

5. Techspo Dubai: showcasing the next generation of technology and innovation 

  • Dates: 10-11th October 2023
  • Location: Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel
  • Cost: Free – US $497
  • Speakers: Academy of VR, AIChat, Invesp, Moz, TaskDrive.
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This expo is a little different from the other tech events you’ll find on this page, and the name may ring a few bells for you. That’s because Techspo tours the globe, hosting events in Singapore, New York City, Amsterdam, and more. It’s home to digital marketing influencers, and leaders in information security. It promises to be an inspiring networking opportunity for any tech enthusiast. 

6. DigiMarCon: a technology conference to thrive and succeed as a marketer in digital tech

  • Dates: 10-11th October 2023
  • Location: Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel
  • Cost: US $147 – $547
  • Speakers: Ginger Shimp, Tim Hines, Liz Grey, Andrew Chow
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Where would Techspo be without DigiMarCon at its side? Dubai’s DigiMarCon comes in at a slightly higher price tag, but runs the same date and location as Techspo. DigiMarCon promises to host a fantastic keynote speaker or two, some insightful seminars, and global thought leaders from New York and greater North America to Singapore and greater Southeast Asia. Their upcoming events span the globe with speakers from the Metaverse, to IBM, PayPal, and Twitter. This event needs to be on your calendar if it isn’t already. 

7. GITEX GLOBAL: the largest tech show in the world

  • Dates: 16th-20th October 2023
  • Location: Dubai World Trade Center
  • Cost: Not yet released 
  • Speakers: Mark Sage, Regina Turbina, Caspar Lee. 
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GITEX GLOBAL is a truly unique event combining 5+ world-leading tech events and trade shows in prime Dubai real estate: the World Trade Center. The event promises to showcase the very best of Saudi Arabia while providing unique opportunities to learn from other major tech hubs from across the globe. The events includes: XverseFuture Urbanism, Future Blockchain Summit, Fintech Surge, AI Everything, Expand North Star, and one more expo that warranted its own place on the list. If you can only attend one event this year, it needs to be GITEX GLOBAL. 

8. Global Dev Slam: meet the developer and coding community

  • Dates: 16-20th October
  • Location: Dubai World Trade Center 
  • Cost: Not yet released
  • Speakers: Niels Bantilan, Fabio Pliger, Travis Oliphant
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Now, this is one for the social media feeds, DevSlam promises five days of networking, gathering professionals from 170+ countries. Whether you’re a backend developer, frontend, a data scientist, or something else, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with public and private enterprises in what promises to be the largest coding recruitment drive in the UAE. 

9. World Blockchain Summit: fostering the future of Web 3.0 for the UAE and beyond

  • Dates: October 2023
  • Location: Not yet released
  • Cost: US $149 – $2999
  • Speakers: Sandeep Nailwal, Dr Jemma Green, H.E. Abdulaziz Alnuaimi (past speakers)
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What does Web 3.0 mean for Enterprise? What’s the current state of the NFT market? What risks, opportunities, and implications lay in the Metaverse? The World Blockchain Summit promises to answer all these questions and more with the help of global industry experts and 200+ investors. With past speakers ranging from Polygon, to AvaLabs, this October’s conference is a must. 

10. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & IOT Conference: an Allied Academies expo

  • Dates: 4-6th December 2023
  • Location: MD Hotel By Gewan
  • Cost: $100 – $1599
  • Speakers: Professor Junichi Takeno, Dr. Eleni Efthimiou, Dr. Bibhya Nand Sharma
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An academic conference for smart people in smart cities, this conference is the fifth in the series and will bring together papers from leading professors, top keynote speakers, and scientists and the forefront of AI. This event is a fantastic option for startups and Enterprises alike that are looking to find inspiration and better understand how the growth of AI, robotics, and IOT can help them run better businesses. 

Dubai’s top technology events are flooding in! 

Technology event organizers across the globe should be pinning Dubai on their maps if they’re looking for unique and altogether inspiring tech events in 2023. The booming UAE city is attracting new business alongside new talent, and together they’re leading the way for the technology of the future.