This Big Feature Is Still Missing From The Rivian R1S

As we’ve seen on other recent vehicle launches, Rivian has condensed most of its functionality into a sizable dashboard touchscreen. There, drivers can manage navigation, adjust multimedia, switch between the R1S’ drive modes, and monitor charging whether at home or at a public DC fast charger. When it comes to connecting a phone, however, don’t expect either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Though support for Apple and Google’s smartphone projection systems is more common than not, Rivian is one of the few hold-outs that has skipped the technology. Instead, you get Bluetooth connectivity through which you can stream audio such as music or audiobooks, make hands-free calls, and typically use your smartphone’s voice assistant.

Navigation, though, is left to Rivian’s own system. The R1S (like the R1T) has standalone apps for services like Spotify and TuneIn, which can stream through the electric truck’s embedded 4G LTE modem. Some services — like Apple Music — are conspicuous by their absence, however.