The ultimate smartwatch buying guide – Top things to consider

Smart Watch Buying Guide

Gone are the days when your watch was just a timepiece. With the development of newer and smarter technology, the traditional watch has now turned into a highly sought after consumer accessory. From delivering your smartphone notifications right on your wrists, to aiding you in tracking your health and fitness; modern smart watches are designed to make our lives easier and convenient.

However, as smartwatches integrate more and more features in their manual, how does one go about choosing the right one? Lucky for you, we have put together a list of things that you would want to consider before settling on a product.

How does it look & feel?

Smart Watch Look & Feel

The aesthetics and build quality are often a major factor in picking the right look for your wrists. An ideal smartwatch must be sturdy and comfortable, with wristbands that are easy to strap in and out off. It must offer a premium and durable feel, rather than feeling clunky or loose.

The natural choice is to opt for a sleek and lightweight option. However, given the sheer number of fresh and trendy designs to choose from, pick the one that best suits your style and personality.

How well can you communicate?

Communicating Through Smart watch

Rather than having to constantly reach into your pocket at the sound of every beep, look for a wearable that can facilitate hands-free living. Smartwatches are meant to transfer all your app alerts, texts and calls to your wrist.

Certain models even come with the ability to surf the web and preset quick replies – further minimising smartphone usage. A good idea would be to look for a smartwatch with integrated voice assistant support, so that you can conveniently get things done with your voice.

Can it aid your workouts?

Workout with smartwatch

Smartwatches can help you get in your best shape by optimising your daily fitness routine. With the integration of activity tracking, an all purpose smartwatch must be able to log your daily steps taken, monitor your calories burned and assist you across a number of regimes.

The addition of GPS in certain wearables can help you map your runs, allowing you to create dedicated running trails as per your convenience. Fitness focused smartwatches come with a multitude of sports modes that help you track your workouts, across a number of regimes.

Will it improve your health?

Smartwatch Improving Health

Slowly but surely, these accessories are turning into reliable tools for measuring your overall wellness. The addition of several advanced health tracking features give you insight into your daily health, so that you can stay on top of things.

Smartwatches with blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, stress monitoring and sleep tracking can assist you in taking better care of yourself. Certain alternatives also come with customisable reminders to help you stay hydrated and avoid sedentary habits.

How long does it tick?

Smart Watch Battery Life

Battery life is an essential factor to look into before you settle. It is a good idea to go for a wearable that can last for at least a few days on a single charge.

If you are looking for a bigger dose of power, certain smartwatches are equipped to keep going for an entire week. The addition of fast charging technology can further help reduce the overall charge time.

What about water resistance?

Smartwatch Water Resistance

Smartwatches with a lower IPX rating are more susceptible to damage from the elements. Dust, sweat and moisture can hamper the performance of such a wearable.

If you plan to use your watch during workouts or while swimming, it is important that you seek a product with a high IPX rating. The higher the rating; the lower is the chance of your smart watch getting damaged.

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