While many phone fans in the US are intrigued with the Nothing Phone 1, with its transparent back and flashing glyph design, they couldn’t buy one. At least, not easily. It might be easier for its follow-up devices, though.


Nothing co-founder Carl Pei told CNBC the Nothing Phone 1 isn’t available in the US because the company wasn’t ready to deal with the complexities of the market, which usually entails dealing with powerful US carriers. “Now we are in discussions with some carriers in the US to potentially launch a future product there,” he said. Nothing already sells its Ear Stick wireless buds in the US, which apparently made up a third of that product’s sales. And as the co-founder of OnePlus, Pei is already well acquainted with the US smartphone market. It took years for OnePlus to launch a device with carrier support.

Nothing has topped 600,000 Phone 1 devices sold so far. But Pei has big ambitions, matched by similarly big challenges. He previously said the company has a “zero-percent margin” on its phones, due to the strong US dollar and less-than-favorable terms from suppliers. “The goal is to be profitable in 2024,” he said.

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Neuralink is reportedly under federal investigation over animal testing

The development pressures have allegedly led to animal deaths.

The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) inspector general is apparently investigating Neuralink over potential animal welfare violations related to research testing. Reuters reports the company has killed 1,500 animals, including more than 280 sheep, pigs and monkeys, since 2018. Those numbers don’t automatically mean Neuralink is violating the law, and the company has passed all USDA inspections of its facilities. According to the report, internal documents suggest staff have raised concerns that the company has rushed animal testing, causing needless suffering and death.

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Honor’s Magic VS is a cheaper foldable here to scare Samsung

We’ve tested a prototype.


The Magic VS is Honor’s second folding phone, but it’ll be the first available outside China when it launches in early 2023. This feels like a polish rather than an evolution of the 2022’s Magic V foldable. The major difference is a vastly redesigned hinge with far fewer parts, which should make it more reliable. It still looks an awful lot like Samsung’s premium-priced Galaxy Z Fold series. Honor has given attention to the external display, which is arguably just as important as the fold-out display. Check out our impressions.

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Blizzard makes it easier to unlock new ‘Overwatch 2’ heroes

You won’t need to grind through as many levels to get them.

One of the major (and controversial) changes Blizzard made in Overwatch 2 was locking new heroes behind a battle pass. However, it should be a little easier for players to unlock the latest character, Ramattra, in the game’s second season. Players who opt for the free track of the battle pass won’t need to grind through as many levels before they can use the new tank in all game modes. However, those who buy the season-two premium pass will get access to Ramattra right away.

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Google’s Pixel 7 update brings Clear Calling and a free VPN

Other updates include better Pixel Watch sleep tracking.

Google is releasing its latest round of Pixel updates, including the free VPN the company teased at its October event. However, the Google One VPN doesn’t support regional location switching, so no sneakily streaming different services around the world – but it does secure your browsing activity. Clear Calling, which had been in beta since October, is also now available for all Pixel 7 series owners. The AI-powered feature makes calls in noisy environments sound better by bringing your voice to the forefront while drowning out background noise.

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Here’s another ‘immersive’ gaming pod

If you have the space.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master’s Orb X is its newly announced semi-enclosed work and gaming station. The built-in recliner is made of “genuine leather” and has a fully adjustable headrest, lumbar support and leg rest. Once you’re seated, the motorized dome at the top of the Orb X lowers a screen to eye level. You can configure the pod with either a single 34-inch monitor or up to three 27-inch displays. If you’re going to own a gaming pod, I demand you get all three.

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