The 6 best carbon footprint tracker apps

We’re in a climate emergency. To limit average global temperatures from rising by more than 1.5°C, the goal indicated at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, all parties — citizens, governments, organizations, individuals, and companies — must do their part to reduce their climate footprint. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever before for everyone to participate with carbon footprint tracker apps.

Whether you’re a finance or sustainability manager at a company or an individual ambitious about your personal carbon emissions, look no further than this article to find the best carbon footprint tracker app to support your journey.

What does a carbon calculator app do?

A carbon footprint tracker app helps individuals, companies, and organizations make informed decisions about their carbon consumption by calculating and measuring their carbon footprint.

Knowing the carbon emissions from your lifestyle or business is the critical first step in understanding impact and fighting climate change. However, tracking your carbon footprint is complex. It’s often difficult to track it accurately (either as an individual or at a company level).

Therefore, it’s essential to work with a carbon footprint tracker app that employs proven methodologies when calculating emissions.

James Dent, Head of Sustainability at TravelPerk, explains the importance of tracking your carbon emissions.

“Any credible net-zero climate plan needs to be backed up by data. It’s very difficult for all companies to have full end-to-end visibility of their Scope 3 impact and GHG emissions. 

Having calculation methodologies, emission factors, and reporting frameworks that are consistent across the globe is extremely important to help progress on the path towards a more sustainable future.”

The 6 best carbon footprint tracker apps

1. TravelPerk’s GreenPerk API

For some companies, especially in the services sector, business travel is a key component of the total carbon footprint. Business air travel has been reported to contribute up to 15 to 20% of global travel emissions, according to a recent report by Borko.

If you’re a sustainability or finance manager searching for a suitable app that is a self-booking and all-in-one platform, then look no further than TravelPerk’s GreenPerk API to reduce your company’s travel carbon emissions.

The GreenPerk API specifically enables you to reduce your co2 emissions related to business travel. Unlike other apps, the GreenPerk API centers on travel emissions, the major business carbon emitter, and provides the best measurement, tracking, and reporting available.

It allows you to not only analyze your travel carbon footprint but also make sustainable travel decisions. The GreenPerk API uses carbon offsetting to reduce any outlying travel emissions.

GreenPerk API’s key features include:

  • Measure, track, report, and offset your carbon emissions all in one platform
  • Easily carbon offset your travel emissions in-app

2. Joro

Carbon emissions go beyond just travel — for example, everyday personal activities like shopping contribute to your carbon footprint. With the Joro app, you can track, reduce, and offset the carbon footprint of everything you buy.

Joro analyzes your purchasing data automatically in the app to measure your carbon footprint. Use it to see your top carbon drivers and reduce and offset your monthly footprint.

Joro stands out for its unique algorithm and detailed data sets for production, transportation, and end-of-life use specific spending categories. It even provides localized and customized information based on your unique profile. Use the app to get specific information on what your top carbon emitters are and to choose sustainable buying alternatives.

Joro’s key features include:

  • Analyze, measure, and reduce your spending-related carbon emissions
  • Review a detailed database of over 300 unique spending categories with specific data sets

Joro is available for iOS and Android.

3. Klima

Klima is an instant climate and carbon counterbalance app to measure your carbon footprint. It allows you to neutralize 100% of your co2 emissions in just three minutes.

With the Klima app, you can find suggestions for food, transportation, and lifestyle changes that will reduce your carbon footprint. The app is best for calculating and following your personal carbon emissions with memorable features like a real-time tracker.

Klima’s key features include:

  • Easily measure your carbon footprint in less than three minutes
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with a real-time tracker

Klima is available for iOS and Android.

4. Adva

Adva goes beyond a carbon footprint tracker app. Learn how to reduce your environmental impact by adjusting your habits, completing sustainability challenges, earning rewards, and contributing to ‘green’ causes.

Based on dietary and mobility preferences, the Adva app provides users with advice on changes for a more eco-living lifestyle. The app is best for its recommendations for long-term lifestyle changes. It has great features like a customizable action plan with recommended daily activities to reduce your carbon footprint in the areas of travel, shopping, or food choices.

Adva’s key features include:

  • Make gains in reducing your carbon footprint with personalized in-app advice on how to live more sustainable
  • Make customizable action plans for your top carbon emitters

Adva is available for Android.

5. CoolClimate

CoolClimate’s mission aims to massively scale up the adoption of climate solutions. As it was one of the first carbon footprint calculator apps developed by leading experts in carbon footprint analysis, the CoolClimate online tool will account for the carbon emissions of all transportation, energy, food, goods, and services purchased by households and companies.

Using the ‘consumption-based greenhouse gas accounting’ method, everyone can estimate their complete carbon footprint. The CoolClimate app is best for its ability to develop personalized climate action plans with the standout feature of a carbon footprint comparison between users.

CoolClimate’s key features include:

  • Developed by leading organizations and nonprofits for carbon footprint analysis
  • Compare your reduction targets and progress to other users

The CoolClimate Calculator is available free online as a digital tool.

6. Capture

Learn how to track, reduce, and remove co2 emissions from your everyday life with Capture. This carbon footprint tracker app allows individuals or businesses to analyze the emissions from their daily lifestyles.

The app enables you to achieve a sustainable lifestyle by helping you to travel more sustainably, reduce your food carbon footprint, and remove co2 emissions from the atmosphere with carbon offsetting.

Similarly, for teams, the app guides you on how to engage your team in sustainability through interactive ‘green’ challenges and team leaderboard tracking. Capture is best for its bite-sized, in-app sustainability tips and an easy-to-see progress checker right in the dashboard.

Capture’s key features include:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by targeting your top carbon emitters
  • Memorable add-on feature to encourage ‘green challenges’ across a team

Capture is available for iOS and Android.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Carbon footprint tracker apps are great to track, reduce, and offset your carbon footprint to the lowest possible levels. Action for the climate is how actual progress is made, and calculating your co2 emissions is only the first step.

Individuals and companies can minimize their carbon footprint by practicing eco-friendly habits. The six carbon footprint tracker apps listed above can help users transition to more eco-friendly lifestyles by helping them track their daily carbon emissions!

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