Submit your nominations for the most important people building cloud technology

  • Insider is looking for nominations of important people in the cloud computing universe.
  • We’re seeking impactful cloud people in startups, public firms, open source, IT, and recruitment.
  • The deadline for nominations is August 24.

No one needs to be told that Amazon CEO Andy Jassy or Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella are among the most powerful people in cloud computing.

Yet, for mere mortals looking to build and grow their careers in this all-important technology, knowing such info is hardly helpful; titans like Jassy or Nadella are completely inaccessible to connect with and learn from.

But there are armies of important people doing the hands-on work of building key cloud technologies who could have a direct and meaningful impact on an individual’s career. They are the managers running key projects at cloud computing firms, the CIOs and IT pros building cutting-edge projects, the leaders at startups and newly public cloud vendors, the developers running key open source projects, and the power-broker recruiters that match-make between it all.

Insider is seeking nominations of such people for a new project publishing later this year intended to highlight and honor them.

Do you know of some? Please fill out the form below by August 24 to tell us about the person and how they are impacting their corner of the cloud computing universe.