Street photography trends: Why it pays to be cautious

If you’re just getting started with street photography, there’s a chance that you get a lot of your ideas and inspiration from social media. There, you likely find a lot of street photography trends that may seem cool or fun to do. However, it’s important that you don’t get caught in the fad and make social media your sole learning resource. That is especially crucial when you’re still finding your footing and style in street photography.

In the video above, UK street photographer George Holden shares his thoughts on street photography trends, and attempts to diagnose and prescribe a solution to the problem. He reminds everyone that trends can only get you so far, and they won’t teach you everything about street photography. His suggestion? Study the works of the masters themselves. Explore the works of contemporary and current photographers who aren’t associated with what’s hot on social media. Look for photographers who have their own take on street photography. Their style may even be different from what you currently know about the genre.

Finally, he also suggests working with limitations to broaden your experience and perspective. This doesn’t only mean experimenting with limitations in your gear. It’s also in finding balance between limiting yourself to street photography and exploring other genres.

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