Sony patents controller that can change temperature

Sony has registered a patent for a controller that can change temperature based on what’s happening in a game.

According to a recently filed patent, Sony is working on a controller (perhaps a new version of the DualSense) that has the ability to change temperature. The basic idea is that the controller would be able to heat up, and thus cool down, depending on what’s happening in a game. So, if you were to enter a desert environment, for example, your controller could heat up to help you better immerse yourself in the game.

Push Square notes that Sony would achieve this by way of “replacing the plastic that makes up the PS5 controller with a gel-like material” that would in turn be capable of heating up. It’s not clear if this would necessitate a larger redesign of the DualSense, if new DualSense controllers would simply ship with this new feature, or if this would mean an entirely new controller.

Hold your horses if you’re excited about a controller that can change temperature, though, because there’s no evidence out there to suggest that a controller like this is actually being brought to market. Sony, and many other tech companies, register wild (and often hilarious) patents all the time, but usually, these patents don’t lead to actual products. Though, considering Sony did patent this controller, it’s certainly possible, just not likely.

As you might expect, such a controller might cause issues for gamers who aren’t especially interested in having sweaty hands while they’re gaming. Plus, there would naturally be concerns about battery life and durability when it comes to generating heat, not to mention worries about the controller getting too hot.

Nonetheless, it’s definitely an interesting patent, and it’s worth keeping an eye out for a DualSense that can change temperature in the future, though we wouldn’t hold our breath.