Shutter Notes: Gareth Janacek — Water Pump

Welcome to Shutter Notes, our weekly community feature. Shutter Notes gives you the chance to get to know our community members a bit better. Each member will share a little bit about themselves and their chosen image.

Gareth Janacek is a retired academic who likes taking pictures. He says he’s not very good but is not obsessive about it.

Most of his photography was happy snapping until the autofocus on one of his film cameras failed. He then decided manual was the way to go and bought a used and very manual Rollei 35b. Wonderful machines of which he still has a couple. It was at this point Gareth started to take photography a little more seriously. He became captivated by the Panasonic G1, the first Micro Four Thirds machine. It was a real epiphany for him. Since then he has been a committed Micro Four Thirds person, flipping between a series of (mainly used) Panasonic and Olympus cameras.

Gareth Janacek
Panasonic GX8, G Vario 12-60,42mm, 200, f6.3

Why and how Gareth created this image

While Gareth doesn’t typically photograph landscape-type images, he wanted to share this water pump from East Norfolk. Because images like this are more of a challenge he continues to push himself and work on his landscapes.

As for post-processing, he did some removal of distractions, namely a bright yellow post that was in the frame. If he were to head back to this location he would choose to go at a different time of day in order to capture the scene in a different light.

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