See Apple’s New ‘Squeezable’ Pencil Pro video


Speaker 1: Introducing Apple Pencil Pro. It takes the pencil experience to a whole new level. And to tell you more, here’s Leslie.

Speaker 2: Today we’re giving all those users who love Apple Pencil even more magical capabilities. To start, we added in new sensor in the barrel of the pencil to enable new interactions. So now, for example, you can just squeeze it to bring up a new tool palette. And when you squeeze the pencil, a haptic engine delivers precise [00:00:30] feedback that you can feel. A gyroscope allows you to roll the pencil for precise control of the tool you’re using, like changing the orientation of a shaped pen or brush. If you ever lose Apple Pencil Pro, you can easily locate, locate it. Since it now supports find my, and of course, it pairs charges and stores magnetically on the side of iPad Pro. With all these new features, apple Pencil Pro [00:01:00] allows you to bring your ideas to life like never before, and developers can also create their own custom interactions. Here’s James Cuda, the CEO of procreate, to show you some of the amazing things they’re doing with Apple Pencil Pro.

Speaker 3: The day the iPad was announced, we founded procreate because we could see its incredible potential for creativity. Apple Pencil was a breakthrough for artists, and now Apple Pencil Pro completely transforms [00:01:30] the painting experience. In procreate. With Barrel Roll, we can create brushes that respond in entirely new ways. Artists can roll to automatically change size, introduce color, and much more. With Apple Pencil Squeeze, you can target actions without even touching the screen. You can activate shortcuts with all of your favorite brushes and tools, or you can hover over your canvas and simply squeeze to select the layer that you wish to work on. Speeding up navigation on [00:02:00] even the most complex projects. And when you’re moving and transforming objects on your canvas, haptic feedback gives you the confidence that your objects are snapped perfectly into alignment. These new devices are amazing for drawing and painting and procreate, and we can really take advantage of all that precision and performance when we’re ready to animate in procreate dreams.

Speaker 3: In Procreate dreams, we’ve taken barrel roll even further. With performing, you can create animations by recording [00:02:30] your actions while the movie plays. Now you can move and rotate your object at the same time and really stay in the moment. And thanks to all the power of M four, we’re able to introduce new computationally intense effects like Lens blur for creating realistic bouquet and camera focus animations. On this new iPad Pro, we’re seeing a 50% improvement in performance, unlocking capability that was just not possible before [00:03:00] hundreds of tracks and all of your changes happening in real time. Incredible advancements like these inspire us to continue to build tools that amplify the creativity within all of us.

Speaker 2: The new version of procreate looks amazing, and we can’t wait to see all the other apps that will take advantage of these powerful new capabilities. So that’s the new Apple Pencil Pro with its incredible new features, it begins a whole [00:03:30] new era of creativity on iPad.

Speaker 1: And we’re also excited that Apple Pencil Pro works with the new iPad Air as well, giving air users yet another pro feature to push their creativity. That means air and pro users have two pencil models to choose from. And the new Apple Pencil Pro is just 1 29, an amazing value for such an incredible device. Customers can order the new iPad Pro Magic keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro today, and they’ll be available next [00:04:00] week.