Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s luxury private jet is among 100 planes grounded by US authorities over apparent export violations

  • Russian billionaire oligarch Roman Abramovich’s luxury jet is among 100 planes grounded by the US. 
  • The planes appear to have violated export rules imposed on Russia, following its war with Ukraine. 
  • Other aircrafts grounded include Boeing planes operated by Russian carriers. 

The US Commerce Department said Friday it had “effectively grounded” 100 planes that recently flew to Russia, including one owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

Abramovich’s Gulfstream G650 private jet, which is hailed as one of the “most prestigious” aircraft in private aviation, per Bloomberg, was identified as a plane that apparently violated US export rules imposed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. 

The other aircrafts grounded include 99 Boeing planes operated by Russian passenger and cargo carriers including Aeroflot, AirBridge Cargo, Utair, Nordwind, Azur Air, and Aviastar, according to the department. 

In a statement, Gina M. Raimondo, the secretary of commerce, said: “Today, the Department of Commerce is demonstrating the power and reach of the actions we took over the past few weeks in response to Russia’s brutal war of choice against Ukraine.” 

She added: “We are publishing this list to put the world on notice — we will not allow Russian and Belarusian companies and oligarchs to travel with impunity in violation of our laws.”

On March 2, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) imposed sanctions on commercial and private jets heading to Russia and Belarus.

The restrictions mean any aircraft manufactured in the US, or that is made in a foreign country and includes more than 25% US-origin controlled content, is subject to a license requirement if such aircraft is destined for Russia.

According to the statement, the department said any refueling, maintenance, repair work, or the provision of spare parts or services of any of the listed planes violates US export rules. 

The Commerce Department said it wanted to notify the public that providing any of these services to these planes anywhere in the world requires authorization. Without it, it could lead to jail time, fines, and loss of export privileges. 

“By preventing these aircraft from receiving any service, for example including from abroad, international flights from Russia on these aircraft are effectively grounded,” it said. 

Abramovich is among several Russian oligarchs targeted by Western nations due to the country’s war with Ukraine. Recently, a billionaire Russian oligarch said he didn’t know how to live after being struck by the sanctions.