Lessons from 19 years in the metaverse

Charlie Warzel, The Atlantic

The metaverse isn’t really a new concept. In his Galaxy Brain newsletter, Warzel chats with Wagner James Au, journalist and author who was offered the chance to be a reporter embedded inside Second Life. He speaks to both the history and future of digital communities with hope and criticism.

Video games keep getting longer. It’s all about time and money.

Teddy Amenabar, The Washington Post

The golden age of video games is about more than finding time to play them all. It’s also about finding the time to actually finish them. And if you’re spending more time in a certain universe, you might be willing to spend more money there.

How California is building the nation’s first privacy police

David McCabe, The New York Times

California’s new online privacy regulator is the first agency of its kind in the US. The Times speaks with its leader Ashkan Soltani about how he’s creating what’s “easily the most difficult thing I’ve done in my life, but also I think potentially the most impactful.”