Pinkshift Rebuke the Patriarchy on Fiery New Song “GET OUT”: Stream

Pinkshift are back with “GET OUT,” a blazing new look at their upcoming album Love Me ForeverListen to the single below.

“GET OUT” drills a quick, snarling guitar riff as singer Ashrita Kumar airs their grievances against the overbearing patriarchy. “I don’t like the way you tell me what you think that I should say/ And I don’t like you in my space/ And I want you to go away,” Kumar sings, before the whole group screams, “Get out of my face.”

“‘GET OUT’ is an anthem to be utilized to take space where it’s not inherently given to us,” Kumar explained in a statement. “It’s a blatant attack against the white supremacist and patriarchal colonizers of our bodies, homes, and ways of life, and it’s an expression of pure and unapologetic rage that stands in defense of our autonomy.”

The fiery single follows “i’m not crying, you’re crying” and “nothing (in my head)” in previewing Love Me Forever, out October 21st via Hopeless Records. After releasing the Saccharine EP in 2021 and opening for the likes of Mannequin Pussy and PUP, the record marks the Baltimore band’s debut full-length as they rise among the punk ranks. Pre-orders for the project are ongoing.

Next month, Pinkshift will kick off a fall tour that includes headlining dates opened by Jigsaw Youth and Yasmin Nur as well as a few opening slots alongside Destroy Boys. Grab tickets to all of their upcoming shows via Ticketmaster.