OK Go Pay a Visit to Jack McBrayer’s Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show: Exclusive

Jack McBrayer seems to have found his niche with Apple TV+’s children’s series Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show, which is set to return with its second season on Friday, October 7th. One of this upcoming season’s highlights brings in Grammy Award-winning group OK Go to perform some music alongside McBrayer and Markita Prescott, who plays Bebe. In anticipation of Season 2, Consequence is exclusively premiering a portion of the performance.

The clip begins with OK Go walking into a colorful and vibrant room, where McBrayer introduces them to viewers and says that they’ll be playing alongside Bebe. McBrayer also mentions that he and the band’s percussionist, Dan Konopka, were drumming together before.

But rather than wait, Konopka says he wants to “play some drums now,” and begins using everything in the room as percussion. From chairs to cups to Bebe’s guitar, Konopka makes his way around the room before shouting, “I love drumming!”

Get a sneak peek of OK Go’s appearance on Jack McBrayer’s Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show below.

The Kindness Show takes place in the fictional Clover Grove. McBrayer co-created the series and stars as one of its most welcoming residents, giving off a sense of both compassion and comedy to everyone he meets. Season 2 will bring in other guest stars including Tony Hale, Kumail Nanjiani, Stephanie Beatriz, Gillian Jacobs, and D’Arcy Carden. Joe Lo Truglio, Kristen Schaal, Beth Dover, and Emily V. Gordon will also make appearances.