Netflix Cancels Gorillaz Movie Amid Budget Cuts

It looks like we won’t be getting that feature-length Gorillaz movie after all. Damon Albarn has said that the project “will never happen” due to recent budget cuts at its intended streaming home, Netflix.

Albarn first revealed back in 2020 that Gorillaz had “signed contracts” and “written scripts” for an untitled movie about the virtual band. However, Netflix has made some major cutbacks in their animation department in the past year or so, including mass layoffs and cancelations of popular shows. (That didn’t stop them from putting out a Kid Cudi rom-com last September, though.)

Albarn implied in a new interview with the Belgian publication HUMO that Gorillaz, too, had been subjected to Netflix’s axe: “The new record [Cracker Island] came about because Jamie [Hewlett, Gorillaz co-creator] and I were often in Los Angeles,” Albarn said, translated from Dutch via Stereogum. We were working on a Gorillaz feature film, which will never happen.”

The interviewer then asked Albarn if the film had been “permanently suspended.” “Yes,” he went on. “That is to say, and without naming names because the whole matter has not yet been settled: the streaming platform for which we were making the film has withdrawn. They started to panic because they were making too much content and decided to cut back on their movie offerings.”

Our condolences to the Gorillaz Wiki contributors who’ve been tracking the film’s progression over the past couple of years. We can all commiserate this Friday, February 24th, when the band’s new eighth studio album Cracker Island drops in full. They’re also set to perform at Coachella later this year, and you can book your seats here.