Luminar Neo: Supersharp AI added to extensions

Today, Skylum has announced several new extensions added to their toolbox for Luminar Neo.

In this article, we’ll take a look at SupersharpAI.


This technology was developed to help artists tackle motion blur and misfocus in their photos. The neural network has a combined understanding of the depth, perspective, and context of the photo. With this information, SupersharpAI can deblur and correct the focus with compressing algorithms. As a result, an artist will get a natural looking super sharp image.

Putting it to the test

I decided to give this a try with an older image of some penguins from Antarctica I had. The image was acceptable but not 100% sharp or in focus. Whether it was me moving or the penguin moving or a combination of both, I’m not sure.

Starting in Lightroom, I used Luminar Neo SupersharpAI as a plug in. I went to Photo > Edit in > Luminar Neo to open up the image in Luminar Neo.

Once there I go to Tools and under Extensions, you’ll see SupersharpAI.

Tools menu

Click on that and you’ll see this menu come up:

SupersharpAI adjustment box

I kept this simple and only worked in the Adjustments section. Click on Universal and you’ll see this drop-down menu:

SupersharpAI options for sharpening

From here, decide which function; Motion Blur, Defocus or Universal will make the most sense to help improve the sharpness of your image.

For the penguins, I initially tried the Universal function and it seemed a bit too much. So, I clicked on Motion Blur as that was more likely the cause of the blur in this particular image.

Then SupersharpAI goes to work. You see it analyzing your image and “fixing” it.

SupersharpAI analyzing image screen

Here is a before and after screenshot at 100% zoom of the original and the SupersharpAI version.



I was fairly happy with the results. My curiosity has me wanting to print it to see the difference there on paper.

This extension along with a few others will be available on Thursday, Nov. 10 and you can get it here.