Luminar Neo 1.8.0 update released with exciting improvements

Last week Luminar Neo released its latest software update. According to the fabulous people at Skylum, there has been a range of updates to make Luminar Neo even better.

Luminar Neo has just released its latest update, version 1.8.0, which comes with a host of exciting improvements. These include the availability of the Histogram in the Edits tab and the ability to sort photos using the raw filter in the Catalog. The Mood tool now has a preview on hover feature for LUTs, while Layers boasts a Blend Mode, and the Develop RAW tool features a Camera Profile. The update also lets you regulate the intensity of Preset adjustments with a slider and compare your photo’s before and after states using another slider.

Apart from these enhancements, Luminar Neo 1.8.0 offers better performance and now supports new cameras such as the Canon EOS R8, Canon EOS R50, and Panasonic DC-S5-ll. We’ve also resolved several bugs, making the software faster and more stable.

~ Skylum

Two of the updates I really liked are for the Mood tool and the Preset panel, so let’s take a look.

Mood tool

The Mood tool now has various different Moods or LUTs in separate categories, with the added ability to reduce the strength of the LUT with a slider. You can also see a preview of the LUTs when you hover over them. Plus you have the before and after option as well. So much better than clicking to see what the LUT did. Fabulous.

Preset adjustments

Next is the Preset Panel. Now, I don’t always use this, but being able to adjust the strength of the assigned preset…that’s handy too.

Of course, all the regular features are still there in Luminar Neo. But if you haven’t already downloaded the latest update, check it out. I’m sure you’ll find some good things are happening there. New to Luminar Neo? Maybe it’s time to take a look!