Loren Gray on Taking Her Image Back and Being a Taylor Swift Superfan

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Loren Gray joins Kyle Meredith to discuss her debut album, Guilty, and the long process of writing and recording the LP.

The artist chats about working with Bardo and Beauty School Dropout, as well as the influence of Zach Bryan. She also touches on becoming an independent artist after years of label execs trying to mold her into their idea of a pop star and how she ultimately took back her own image.

“There were so many opinions on who I should be, rather than just me being me,” she explains. “To me, there wasn’t really a need to create this persona when I already existed and I was enough for people. I just wanted a different avenue, I guess, of expressing myself, that was authentic to me.”

Gray also talks about mental health as a theme, the storyline that runs through her music videos, and how being a superfan of Taylor Swift and Eminem has shaped the way she builds worlds inside her songs.

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