Know how a smart watch can help you track your wellness

Smart Watch

Smart watches are widely known to offer a wide selection of fitness features that can help you train more efficiently. They are also capable of assisting you across a number of day-to-day lifestyle needs.

Off late, these accessories have become reliable devices to manage your overall wellness. By offering you insight into your daily health via various health tracking tools, smart watches have made it easier to look after both your physical and mental well-being.

If you are planning to get a smart watch to pursue a healthier lifestyle, these are the 4 health tracking features that you most need to look for.

24/7 heart rate tracking

Heart Rate Tracking

Heart rate tracking can offer you insight into your overall heart health. By keeping a check on your resting heart rate through the day, you can identify and eliminate habits that may negatively affect your heart health.

While exercising, you can pace your workout to the best of your ability by regularly assessing how your heart rate is affected during each routine. Slowing down when your heart rate spikes too high is an effective way to avoid burnout.

Since 24/7 HR tracking offers a round the clock assessment of your heart health, it gives you the chance to sustain a healthy and positive lifestyle in the long run.

Blood oxygen monitoring

SPO2 Monitor

Measuring your blood oxygen with a smart watch can help you identify the amount of oxygen saturation in your blood.

The average healthy person has 95% or higher oxygen levels in their blood. During conditions that are associated with shortness of breath, your blood oxygen can fall lower than 95%.

Regular blood oxygen or SpO2 monitoring can be helpful since it allows you to take early action if you notice your oxygen levels falling too low.

Calorie tracking

Calorie Tracking

The inclusion of calorie tracking in smartwatches has made them a reliable device to manage your daily diet. Set a weekly or daily calorie consumption limit and work on staying within your target.

By keeping a check on your calorie intake during every meal, you can make healthier choice and plan your meals to be more nutritious.

Such insight into your daily meals lets you adopt healthy eating habits and sustain good health in the long term.

Sleep monitoring

Sleep Tracker

Frequent disruptions in your sleep can have an adverse effect on your physical and mental health.

A smartwatch with sleep tracking can help you calculate your total sleep time, identify your sleeping patterns and help you improve your overall sleep quality. You can even identify the total amount of time you spend in light, deep and REM sleep.

A healthy sleep schedule can ensure that you function at your physical and mental best at all times.

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