Indulge in walking to pursue a healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Over the years, a number of researches have highlighted how walking can have a positive impact on your health and weight. Given its many benefits, people of all ages have been incorporating walking into their routine to stay fit and active. From a brisk morning walk, to a casual evening jog or even a late night stroll, walking in all forms can help you move closer to your fitness goals. Moreover, going out for daily walks can even have a great impact on your psyche, boosting your mood and self-esteem. If you are planning to switch to walking as your preferred form of exercise, you can monitor your progress overtime by opting for a smartwatch.

But before that, you should know how walking can benefit your health and overall wellness.

– Easier weight management

– Reduced risk of stroke

– Boost in immune response

– Improvement in heart health

– Keeps hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes at bay

– Improves bone durability

– Strengthens your muscles

Do 10,000 steps a day get it done?

10,000 steps daily

10,000 steps isn’t a fixed number that you should necessarily aim for. The amount of steps that work best for your needs may vary as per your weight, your height, your average strides, the terrain and your speed. The idea is to increase your present level of activity through step counting and to find ways to squeeze walking into your routine. On an average, walking 1000 steps a day can help you burn close to 30 or 40 calories. As such going up to 10,000 steps can help you reduce 300 to 400 calories daily. By starting off with 10,000 steps as your primary goal, you can soon identify what number works best for your needs.

For example, if you only manage to get in 2000 to 3000 steps a day, going up to 5000 steps will itself be a significant increase. You can work on eventually increasing this number and setting higher goals for yourself.

Easy ways to incorporate walking into your routine

Walking Routine

If you are unable to find the time to head out for a walk every day, try to incorporate walking in-between your schedule.

– Choose to take the stairs, rather than opting for the elevator.

– When travelling short distances, walk instead of opting for any transport.

– Plan a quick walking break after every meal.

– When on a call, choose to leave the chair and walk around.

– Rather than waiting for someone, walk around until they arrive.

Tracking your steps

Steps Tracking

Smartwatches with a step tracker let you keep a count on your daily steps so that you can get more insight into your overall walking routine. If you are looking for such a device, you can consider exploring our range of Noise smartwatches. Equipped with a number of fitness first features, our smartwatches let you track your daily steps accurately. You can even connect your Noise smartwatch to the NoiseFit app and be part of a nationwide community of fitness enthusiasts. Participate in regular activity challenges and work on setting your new personal best.