Improve the way you train with heart rate tracking

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We often focus on the frequency and duration of exercising, while ignoring the intensity of our routine. It is easy to keep a track on the former factors; however, tracking the intensity is another ball game. This is where heart rate monitoring comes into play.  

Monitoring your heart rate during exercise can provide insight into the intensity of your routine. If you are looking to lose weight and improve you cardiovascular health, heart rate monitoring can prove to be beneficial. Strap on a smart watch every time you are heading for a workout and keep a check on how your routine affects your heart rate. This can not only help you reach your fitness goals a lot faster, it can ensure that you sustain a healthy heart in the long run.

How does exercise impact heart health?

Blood circulation

During exercise, blood circulation to all parts of the body improves drastically. A healthy flow of blood decreases the risk of blood clotting in your arteries.

Weight loss

A rapid increase in weight also increases your vulnerability to heart diseases. Regular exercise paired with a healthy diet can keep your weight in check and reduce heart strain.

Blood pressure

Working out consistent can keep your blood pressure low. Aerobic exercises in particular can be extremely beneficial if you want to stay away from high blood pressure.


Exercise can improve your HDL (high-density lipoprotein) also known as good cholesterol, due to which you are at a lower risk of developing heart diseases.

Striking the perfect rhythm

Heart Rate

Ensure that you make a note of your resting heart rate before proceeding with your workout. On an average, when you start working out your heart rate should elevate anywhere between 20 to 60 beats per minute. By keeping an eye on how fast your heart rate rises, how much it rises and how long it takes for it to come back to its resting state, you can find your THR or target heart rate.

Try to ensure that you sustain your workout at least 20 minute within your target heart rate to get the best results. With a HR monitor you can better manage staying within your target heart rate by controlling the intensity of your routine.

The best way to monitor your heart rate during exercise

Step measuring

An easy and effective way to monitor your heart rate is to opt for a smartwatch. A smartwatch comes with accurate heart rate tracking so that you can keep a check on your heart health 24/7.

If you are looking for a smartwatch to improve the way your workout, look no further than Noise smartwatches. Our watches let you track your heart rate and come with high IPX protection to keep your device protected from moisture and sweat. By monitoring your heart rate on a Noise smart watch, you can optimise the way you workout and move closer to your fitness goals.