IK Multimedia’s AXE I/O ONE is an affordable audio interface for guitar and bass players

IK Multimedia has a launched a new audio interface with features designed specifically for guitar and bass players. Like the brand’s other products in the category, this model, the AXE I/O ONE, is portable and affordable: It’s currently available from the company’s online store and from authorized retailers for $130. 

Users can change a guitar’s input from a tighter and sharper tone to a thicker and bolder one using AXE I/O ONE’s Z-TONE input circuit. The audio interface also comes with JFET input that enables warm, tube-like sounds. An external volume pedal gives users access to hands-free control, so they don’t have to stop playing to navigate the accompanying software. There’s also a dedicated Amp Out port, which among other things, allow users to have a hybrid setup with a real and a virtual guitar.

In addition, the AXE I/O ONE comes bundled with thousands of AmpliTube 5 SE presets and TONEX SE tone models. TONEX SE also gives users a way to convert a real rig into a plug-in, so they can have even more rigs to use within their programs. Finally, this audio interface only needs to be plugged in via USB-C and doesn’t need an external power supply. Since the AXE I/O ONE has a compact design and is compatible with the latest iPads, as well, it sounds like IK Multimedia created it for especially for people who need or prefer to record on the go. 

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