How I use Mylio Photos to access my media library from multiple computers

If you work on your photos on more than one computer (for instance, a desktop computer at home, and a laptop for travel), you’ve probably experienced frustration at keeping your photo library organized, synced and accessible between your devices.

Mylio Photos remote access technology eliminates multi-computer headaches by consolidating your media into a central library, and then making that library accessible from all of your computers and mobile devices.

What is Mylio Photos?

Mylio Photos is an application for laptops, desktops, phones and tablets that connects all of your devices into a single photo library. You can access, organize and edit all your images (from any source) in one easy-to-search library.

Mylio Photos - access your photo library from all your devices

It works similarly to Dropbox, in that any photo or video you add to your Mylio Library gets backed up and synced to all of your devices. This means that you can import photos on one computer (a travel laptop, for example), and automatically have them synced to your external drive connected to your computer at home.

You can also control what photos and videos you want to have available on any machine, so you can access your full-quality images, even when you’re offline. Mylio Photos is NOT a cloud service — your data is stored 100% on devices you control. However, you can add an optional third-party cloud service for additional accessibly when you’re on the road.

How I use Mylio Photos for remote access

I have two computers. The smaller, newer 14-inch laptop is the one I use for work and prefer to use for travel. The older computer stays at home and connected to my external drive where my entire photo library lives.

Mylio Photos is installed on both computers and logged in to the same account. This allows my computers to “talk” to each other via my Mylio account and creates a secure connection to access my library. When I’m at home, this happens over my local network. If I’m traveling, I can make use of Wi-Fi hotspots to securely connect to my computer at home.

Mylio Photos creates a secure connection between my computers allowing remote access

The external drive at home (connected to the computer I leave at home) holds my entire media library. With the help of Mylio Photos software, I can access anything in this library from either of my computers, as long as my computer at home is powered on with Mylio Photos running.

I can also import media to this external drive remotely. If I’m traveling with my smaller laptop, I can specify the folder in my external drive at home where I want the images to live. The import will live temporarily on my travel laptop, and as connectivity allows, those images will be synced to my external drive at home, freeing up space on my travel laptop.

Folders in Mylio Photos mirror the folders on my external hard drive so I can easily get to my library via remote access.

Mylio Photos‘ remote access technology has opened up a world of possibilities for working with my photos while traveling. Not only can I access any photo in my archive from any of my devices (mobile devices and computers), it also helps me keep my photo library organized and backed up.

As soon as new photos are saved to my photo archive at home, they are backed up locally with Time Machine, and to the cloud with Backblaze. With the help of Mylio Photos, I’m able to ensure that my media is always accessible, and always protected.