How good audio can elevate your gaming experience

Gaming Neckband 

There are a number of factors that make for an immersive gaming experience. From top notch graphics, great story-telling, dynamic game-play and immense attention to detail, modern gaming can get your heart racing.

The one accessory that can need to tie down the entire experience is the right gaming neckband. By capturing even the slightest atmospheric audio, gaming neckbands can complement your play style and make the virtual world feel realistic.

Enjoy the rush of adrenaline while sprinting through a dark forest or feel the rising heroism as you charge at your enemies by opting for the right gaming audio gear. Whether you are a casual or competitive player, play on your phone, console or PC, good audio can be the difference between winning and losing.

For the single player

Single Player Neckband

When playing solo, the level of immersion is important to make your play-through truly satisfying. Battling through a horde of zombies can be extremely intimidating, but if you are spurred on by some energetic, upbeat audio, you just might survive the wave. Even character dialogues and emotions feel relatable and wholesome when heard through a gaming neckband.

Multi-player needs

Multiplayer Neckband

The background score isn’t the only thing that makes a difference. When playing with your friends, being able to strategise and communicate in real time can determine the fate of your team. Integrated microphones on these audio accessories make it easy to co-ordinate with your buddies. From a battle cry to a call for help, give your team the best chance to win by putting on your gaming neckbands.

What to look for when choosing a gaming neckband?

Omnidirectional sound

Omnidirectional Sound

Omnidirectional audio or surround sound is essential when you are playing in a map with dozens of enemies. Conventional audio gear only offers you the ability to hear from two directions. Gaming neckbands with omnidirectional sound let you hear the scurrying of enemies from all directions. By assessing the direction of noise, you can better visualise and pin-point the position of your opponents.

Low latency

Low Latency

Audio lag can make working as a team extremely challenging. By opting for a gaming neckband with low latency mode, you can ensure that your audio doesn’t stutter, even when you ramp up the graphics. Neither will your teammates cut away in the middle of a conversation, nor will you miss the sound of approaching enemies.

Environmental noise cancellation

Noise Cancellation

Environmental noise cancellation ensures that your voice is clear and consistent when speaking with your buddies. Do not let the enemy team catch you off guard; plan your moves wisely by constantly engaging with your team. ENC lets you be heard by drowning out every other source of noise in your background. Be it the buzzing of appliances or the chatter of people, ENC on gaming neckbands ensures that your voice goes through without any audio disturbances.  

A touch of style

Touch of Style

Gaming neckbands wouldn’t be true to their genre if they weren’t designed to be sleek and trendy. As such, most gaming audio gear is both easy to use and high on aesthetics. From cool colours to vibrant LED lights and a sleek band design, look for a product that is both comfortable and instantly fashionable.

If you are in the market for a gaming accessory, you can consider opting for the Noise Combat Gaming Neckband. Give yourself the best chance to win by activating the dedicated gaming mode. Breathing LED lights offer a warrior like look and feel as you get into the spirit of competition. Take your gaming experience to the next level by getting your very own Noise Combat Gaming Neckband today.