Drawmer 1972 Dual mic preamp

Drawmer 1972 dual microphone line instrument preamp with lift and shape controls

Drawmer have released the 1972, a dual-channel microphone, line and instrument preamp. The device is hand-crafted in the UK, and is equipped with a flexible and unique feature set that make it equally at home in both professional studio and live sound applications.


Each channel is able to apply up to 66dB of clean gain courtesy of THAT Corporation technology, and a 12-position rotary switch provides adjustment in 6dB steps. A LoCut control provides a switchable 12dB/octave filter with a sweepable frequency range of between 15 and 350 Hz, and HiCut offers a second filter ranging from 1.5 to 20 kHz, also with a 12dB/octave slope. Both channels are also equipped with polarity reverse switches.


Key to the device’s versatility is the presence of a Select switch, a six-position switch which offers input selection as well as providing different impedance options. In the INST. position, the channel source is taken from the instrument jack on the front panel of the device, whilst the Line position selects the rear panel XLR/TRS combo line-level input.

The remaining four positions provide options for the channel’s microphone input, which is provided on a dedicated XLR socket located on the rear panel. The first three positions offer 200, 600 and 2400 Ohm impedances, providing options for matching or sculpting the sound of dynamic and passive ribbon microphones. The final position engages 48V phantom power, with a red LED next to the switch illuminating to indicate its presence.

Lift & Shape

A Lift switch engages a low-level, upward expander, adding gain to input signals below a level of -30dB and continuing until a level of 0dB is reached. A useful feature for studio, TV sound, conferences, and PA system recordings, Drawmer describe Lift as the ultimate automatic gain-riding tool, saying that users will never have “under recorded” audio again.

A Shape feature offers two separate fixed-frequency tilt or see-saw equalisers centred at 500Hz. The first switch will provide up to a 2.5dB boost at 40Hz whilst at the same time attenuating by 2.5dB at 10kHz, and the second reduces the signal by 2.5dB at 40Hz whilst boosting up to 2.5dB at 10kHz. Engaging both Shape buttons at once generates a scoop centred at 500Hz, offering a way to control harsh or ‘honky’ sounding material.

Pricing & Availability

The 1972 is available now, priced at $1149£795 excluding VAT.