Do a seven-day photography challenge to boost your creativity

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your photography? A quick photography challenge could be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing.

Day 1: Photograph wide open

Pick your lens with the widest aperture and lock it wide-open! Explore depth of field today. Find frames to shoot through, things to shoot from behind and narrow planes of focus to explore.

Day 2: Photograph with slow shutter speed

Take your shutter speed up past one second, and explore motion frozen in time. Don’t forget: You’ll need to compensate with ISO and aperture to expose correctly. Try shooting handheld and on a tripod (or a helpful table).

Day 3: Photograph in the dark

Find a subject in the dark, and shoot with whatever minimal light source you can manage. Think outside the box (or inside the box?) for this one: It doesn’t have to be at night!

photography challenge

Day 4: Photograph in direct sun

Portrait photographers everywhere try to avoid this where possible, but today, explore those high contrast moments! Resist the urge to find open shade, and get bright and blazing.

photography challenge

Day 5: Photograph in monochrome

Switch your camera onto monochrome and shoot for light and shadow. Explore texture, contrast, emotion and movement. See how your perspective changes when color is removed from the equation.

Day 6: Photograph something different

If you usually photograph people, find foliage or flowers. If you shoot at night, shoot in the morning. If you’re a wedding photographer, find a newborn baby! The key is to get out and look at something that you wouldn’t normally turn your lens to.

photography challenge

Day 7: Photograph where you are

Wherever you find yourself today, commit yourself to document it with the care and thoughtfulness that you would for a wedding, a big model shoot or a special family reunion. Going grocery shopping? Photograph it. Taking the kids to the park? Follow them with your lens. Whatever’s in your life today, make that the subject of your intense study.

photography challenge

Reflect on your photography challenge and go forth

At the end of your week, reflect on what you captured. Did you find a new perspective to explore? A new technique to apply to your regular work? Take what you loved, and learn from what you hated.

Loved this seven-day photography challenge? Why not commit to shooting every day for a month, or even better, do a 365 challenge? There’s nothing better than taking on the massive task of shooting every single day to refresh your art.