Disney Unveils Exciting New ‘Sodom And Gomorrah’ Attraction

ORLANDO, FL—In a bold statement against Florida’s recently passed bill which prohibits teachers from discussing inappropriate sexual topics with kindergarteners, Disney World has unveiled its latest attraction: “Sodom & Gomorrah.”

“We here at Disney stand proudly with those who seek to indoctrinate small children in gender ideology,” said CEO Bob Chapek. “That’s why we’ve decided to unveil this exciting new thrill ride—and allow kids of all ages to ride it!” 

While waiting in line, small children and their parents will be educated by a voice recording about masturbation, the gender unicorn, safe kink, abortion, and BDSM. Once they board the ride, they will be treated to the thrill of a lifetime as the little cars take them through an ancient city smoldering with fire and brimstone. 

“Disney has always been a magical place for kids, and it still is,” said Chapek. “It is not, however, a magical place for bigots.” 

Disney has also informed park guests that anyone who refuses to ride the ride at least once will be escorted off the premises and banned from the park for life. 


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