Discord increases 8MB file upload size limit to 25MB for all users

Discord has announced that it’s increasing its standard 8MB file upload size limit to 25MB for all users.

The popular chatting platform Discord has recently announced that it’s increasing its standard 8MB file size limit up to 25MB for all users. Historically, the only way to up that file upload size limit was to subscribe to Discord’s premium service, Nitro, whether it was to its basic tier or its more premium tier. Now, all users can send and upload files up to 25MB in size.

This may not sound like much, but it is actually a fairly big deal. A big headache with Discord has always been trying to share a video clip with your friend or send a file to someone quickly only to get hit with an error message telling you that your file was too big, forcing you to try and compress it or go through the cumbersome process of uploading it to a service like Google Drive and sharing a link. 25MB is a lot more generous than 8MB, so you’ll definitely have fewer file size issues.

However, you still, of course, have the option of expanding your file upload size even further. If you sign up for Nitro Basic for $3 a month, that limit increases to 50MB, while if you sign up for Nitro’s premium $10 a month tier, you’ll get a meaty 500MB file upload size limit on top of a bunch of other features. In general, Discord features often get locked to paying subscribers, though, so it’s nice to see an upgrade roll out to everyone.

This isn’t the only new feature Discord has added in recently, either. Discord recently made headlines from its new Soundboard feature, too, where users can pepper custom audio clips into voice calls. While this feature is definitely going through its growing pains, it’s great to see Discord actively update its platform.