Client cancellations? Here’s how to use your time wisely

Client cancellations are inevitable. If you find yourself with some free time, there are simple things you can proactively work on to help your future business.


First, work on developing your personal/company brand. Have you updated your website lately? Are there some photos or videos you’ve been meaning to add to your site or reel? Perhaps you can create and schedule some social media posts for the next month or two.

Clients will be coming back soon and you need to stand out among the competition.

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

Check your equipment if you have cancellations

Next, perform an equipment check. Have you thoroughly cleaned things lately with cloths or compressed air? How are the locking collars on your light stands holding up? Do you need any cables, tape or accessories?

Then, look at your computer. Are you good with storage space? Have you backed everything up? Did you update to the latest software?


Last but not least, find time to work on a hobby. Is there a blog that you started but only wrote two posts for? Have you been meaning to name all of your recent vacation photos? Did you read the latest trade publication on a new software update? Is there a different subject matter you wanted to practice shooting or a new program you wanted to learn? Now is the time to get some of this accomplished.

It’s amazing how many little things don’t get done when you are busy with lots of client projects. So take the time to clean up loose ends, learn something new, and accomplish those secondary tasks that will make you feel less stressed. When things pick back up to normal, you’ll be ready to roll!