ChatGPT Vs Bing Chat: The Big Differences And Which Is Best

ChatGPT has become every student’s best friend ever since OpenAI unveiled it on November 30, 2022. It can process human languages using AI technology and, as described by OpenAI itself, “interacts in a conversational way”.

Completely free and open to the general public as of now, ChatGPT can be accessed by simply visiting or lesser known and signing up for a free account. Both controversial and revolutionary in equal measure, this chatbot has created quite a stir recently, with people running to its website in droves.

ChatGPT recorded 100 million monthly active users in only two months since its release, which is much quicker than the likes of Instagram and TikTok. The usage of the chatbot is certainly sky-high at the moment, in fact, it is so high that the website is often at maximum capacity, prompting you to check back in later when network traffic is less. As a solution to this problem, OpenAI now offers an option for you to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus which gives you a few additional benefits including priority access even when the server is at maximum user capacity.