Can You Spot the Daffodils in This Spring Brainteaser?

The weather is warming up in the Northern Hemisphere, and soon sprouts and buds will mark the arrival of spring. If you can’t wait to see spring flowers growing in your backyard, you can look for them in the colorful brainteaser below.

Hopes Grove Nurseries

Hopes Grove Nurseries in the UK put together this hidden-image puzzle to celebrate the first day of spring on Sunday, March 20. Tucked among the flowers are the tiny yellow blossoms of three daffodils.

According to Hopes Grove Nurseries, the record for finding all three flowers is 40 seconds. See if you can beat that time after scanning the image.

The daffodils in the picture are much harder to spot than the bright flowers currently popping through the soil in yards, parks, and gardens. If you give up after several minutes of searching, you can check the solution in the image at the bottom of the article.

Flowers aren’t the only flora that flourishes this time of year; your indoor houseplants go through a spring growth spurt as well. That’s why now is the perfect time to repot any plants that are getting too big for their containers. Here are some tips for giving your houseplants an upgrade.