Bob Odenkirk to Play Tommy Wiseau’s Role in The Room Greenscreen Remake

Bob Odenkirk will have a large padded shoulder jacket to fill when he plays Tommy Wiseau’s iconic role of Johnny in an upcoming remake of the campy cult classic The Room.

“I am very excited for the feature-length THE ROOM remake (Shot mostly on greenscreen) in which the Tommy Wiseau role is taken over by Bob Odenkirk — and it’s not played as a joke,” announced podcaster Justin Decloux on Twitter earlier this week.

The project is being made with the involvement of the organization Acting for a Cause and it will benefit the AIDS research charity amfAR. Not much else is confirmed about The Room remake except for a series of social media posts from people involved with the movie.

It appears Acting for a Cause founder Brando Crawford is directing and producing the film, with actor Cameron Kasky revealing on Reddit that it’s a “full fucking movie.” One of the other confirmed actors involved is Bella Heathcote (Fifty Shades Darker). There’s no release date as of yet, but Acting for a Cause’s Jarad Schwartz previously teased it would be “coming this spring.”

In the meantime, Odenkirk fans can look forward to his upcoming AMC series, Lucky Hank. The eight-episode first season premieres on March 19th, and you can revisit the latest trailer here.