Apple’s rumored AR/VR headset could have a clunky battery pack

Apple’s heavily rumored headset may just come with an external battery pack you’ve got to cart around with you.

For a while now, Apple’s been heavily rumored to be preparing to announce its take on an AR/VR headset. Theoretically, this is going to be announced this year, perhaps at WWDC 2023. Now, a new rumor is going around that this upcoming headset is not going to come with a built-in battery like other headsets and will, instead, have an external battery pack you can slip into your pocket.

According to notable analyst Mark Gurman, Apple is opting for the battery pack to “reduce weight and improve comfort.” Gurman goes on to say that the battery is set to be small enough to fit in a pocket, and it will connect to the headset via a cable. The battery is estimated to be “about the size of an iPhone but thicker” and it’s also said that the battery is expected to last for roughly two hours; however, it’s also reported that you won’t be able to buy a third-party battery with a longer lifespan, so you may have to buy multiple batteries from Apple.

Most headsets integrate their batteries directly into the headset; however, that does help to make many headsets somewhat hefty and cumbersome. Clearly, Apple is doing its best to make its headset as light and comfortable as possible, if the rumors are to be believed. However, this will certainly come at the cost of some clunkiness. Having to lug around a battery pack in your pocket isn’t exactly the most elegant thing ever imagined, after all.

Nonetheless, even though this rumor comes from a trustworthy source, it’s important to take all this with a grain of salt. Apple hasn’t announced any headset just yet, and rumors about a headset have been coming for years and years. Ultimately, the world will have to wait and see exactly what’s coming with an Apple headset.