Announced last month, Roku’s TV range is already discounted

The Roku Select Series range of TVs may have only recently been launched but they’re already discounted as part of the Best Buy TV deals that are underway right now. Depending on the model you choose, you could save up to $150 on one of the TVs with up to 75-inch models available. While the 24-inch and 32-inch options are both HD-based, everything bigger than that is a 4K panel so you’re getting a good screen for the price. With so much to take in, we’ve got all the prices you need to know below along with a quick look at the other features that come from this TV range. In no time, you’ll know if this is the TV for you.

  • Roku 24-inch Select Series HD TV —
  • Roku 32-inch Select Series HD TV —
  • Roku 43-inch Select Series 4K TV —
  • Roku 50-inch Select Series 4K TV —
  • Roku 55-inch Select Series 4K TV —
  • Roku 65-inch Select Series 4K TV —
  • Roku 75-inch Select Series 4K TV —

Why you should buy the Roku Select Series TV

The Roku Select Series range of TVs are the first Roku-made televisions after years of being able to pick out the best Roku TVs from other brands. The Select Series is broken down between HD and 4K options. The smaller HD options are limited to 2.1 stereo sound, Wi-Fi 4 for internet connectivity and no option for Ethernet, but the 4K range is more respectable. There’s Wi-Fi 5 as well as Ethernet along with support for the Roku Voice Remote. Best of all, there’s HDR10+ and automatic brightness options. The latter means the TV will automatically adjust based on your room’s lighting, saving you the need to adjust any settings.

The TV also has a customizable home screen which is always convenient. You can lay out your favorite channels, inputs and even free live TV here, making it a breeze to find what to watch next. There are over 350 live TV channels to find here with award-winning Roku Originals likely to stand out. There’s also the enhanced voice remote that saves you from needing to type in long search entries. A sleek, frameless design ensures this TV will fit into your home nicely even if you haven’t committed to one of the best TV brands.

While the Roku-branded Select Series is unlikely to rival the very best TVs, they are still worth considering if you’re on a budget. With up to $150 to be saved on the 65-inch 4K TV, this is the best value choice but whatever size you go for, you’ll save big at Best Buy right now. Buy it now before the price returns to normal soon.

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