Amp up your workouts with these amazing earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

The wireless nature of earbuds has made them the perfect audio accessory when it comes to working out.

Whether you prefer putting on some pulsating music or an inspiring podcast, earbuds give you the freedom to exercise without any restrictions.

If you are looking for the right pair of earbuds to workout with, you can consider picking up the following Noise wireless earbuds.  

Air Buds+

Air Buds+

Complete with silicone eartips and a no-fall design, the Air Buds+ are a great choice for your daily workouts. These earbuds come with a 6mm speaker driver so that you can enjoy clear and sharp music during every session. If you enjoy chit-chatting with your buddies during your workout, individual calling mics make it easy to keep up with all the gossip. Full touch controls let you operate your earbuds in a hands-free manner. With up to 4 hours of power on a single charge, you can get through multiple sessions in a day and never have to worry about your battery. InstachargeTM lets you power-up for up to 80 minutes in just 8 minutes of charging.

Air Buds Pro

AirBuds Pro

Get ready to experience immersive audio during every workout with the Air Buds Pro. With noise reduction up to -25 dB and a 10mm speaker driver, enjoy audio without any distractions. The addition of Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode let you tune your music to best suit your workout. These lightweight earbuds weigh only 3.5 grams and offer a snug and ergonomic fit, making them a great choice for intense aerobic sessions. If you have to switch to a call in-between your workout, a quad mic setup ensures that you get impeccable sound quality. An IPX5 rating keeps the earbuds protected from sweat, dust and moisture.

Buds VS303


Made to be fashionable and ergonomic, the Buds VS103 offer crisp audio in a stylish and comfortable package. Featuring an instantly striking design and a lightweight body, they are a great option for working out. With a massive total playtime of up to 24-hours, never run out of power with these earbuds. Experience clear audio and hear every beat when listening to music on its 13mm speaker driver. Full touch controls let you manage playback without reaching for your smartphone. Connect instantly to your last paired device with the inclusion of Hyper SyncTM. With the integration of voice assistance, you can use the earbuds to get things done with the convenience of your voice.

Buds VS103


The Buds VS103 come with an ergonomic design and full touch controls, making it easier to enjoy audio during your workout. A 10mm speaker driver and dual equalizer let you experience sound tuned to your preference. Hyper SyncTM lets you instantly connect the Buds VS103 to your last paired device – so that you can pick up where you left off.  With up to 18 total hours of power, the earbuds let you can stay tuned in for a longer time. An IPX5 resistance rating ensures that sweat, moisture and splashes do not slow down the earbuds.

Buds Smart


Available in classic shades of Jet Black and Pearl White, the Buds Smart are a great pair of earbuds to workout with. With close attention given to the wearers comfort, these earbuds have been designed to rest easy on your ears – even when used for a long time. A 10mm speaker driver lets you experience sharp and clear audio across every session. An IPX5 rating ensures that you sweat it out to your favourite music without your earbuds getting damaged by moisture. You can even manage your music and calls in a hands-free manner with complete touch access.

If you want to explore more earbuds to workout with, you can check out our complete collection of Noise audio accessories right now.