Ally Sheedy on Single Drunk Female’s Molly Ringwald Cameo and the Upcoming Brat Pack Doc

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Ally Sheedy drops by to talk with Kyle Meredith about Season 2 of Single Drunk Female, out now on Freeform.

The actress dissects where our favorite characters have arrived in this latest run, with Samantha finding something to grab onto with her newfound sobriety and Carol learning that she’s really the problem. Sheedy also gets into the characters’ backstories and the audience constantly questioning how crazy Carol might be.

Sheedy also talks about how she’s going to be part of Andrew McCarthy’s upcoming documentary on the Brat Pack (the name given to the young cast of The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire), her recent passion for teaching, and having her Breakfast Club castmate Molly Ringwald cameo on Single Drunk Female.

“I really wanted her to come on the show and play that part,” Sheedy explains. “I was so happy that she decided to. We had a wonderful time together.”

“There are four other people in the world that went through an experience that I went through that nobody else ever went through,” she says about their bond. “It’s just a specific thing, and I think it’s one of the reasons I have this very deep history with Molly. We lived through something together.”

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