Agust D’s D-Day Album Review — Part 1: Stanning BTS Podcast

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Borahae and happy day ICONIC ARMY, Agust D (SUGA of BTS) has graced us with the official release of D-Day!

And because there’s just too much goodness to cover in one episode, hosts Kayla and Bethany have split up their analysis. This week on Stanning BTS, the two take their first look at the new album, running though the music, lyrics, and production of the first half of D-Day: “D-Day,” “Haegum,” “HUH?!” (feat. j-hope), and “AMYGDALA.”

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It’s National Occupational Therapy Month! Bethany is a dedicated occupational therapist, and this month Stanning BTS wants to thank OTs everywhere for all of the quality care and compassion that you provide your patients with daily. For this month’s charity, Kayla and Bethany wanted to highlight the Stroke Foundation to spotlight the importance of patient after care. Learn how to aid patients, donate, and more here.