Active Noise Cancellation and daily life

 ANC Cancellation

No matter how busy your day has been, everyone craves for a bit of quiet time. A time when you can be just yourself, listen to your favourite music and truly unwind. But considering the kind of din we are surrounded with, it is difficult to find that perfect little bit of peace. And that’s  when the new-age technology, i.e., Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), coms into play. This technology cancels out the surrounding noise, leaving it a little quieter. Combined with your favourite music, it is nothing but pure bliss.

Earlier available only in big and expensive headphones, it is now readily available as long as one knows where to look.

Define Noise Cancellation

Though noise cancellation means to cancel out the noise, in reality, it lowers the surrounding sound significantly amplifying the illusion that the noise is cancelled. But when the term active is used with noise cancellation, it means that the headphones are actively looking for noise to nullify it.

Along with ANC, transparency mode is most commonly available in earphones. They are best suited to enjoy your music without losing touch with the surroundings. All you have to do is choose the mode and hear the ambient sound without taking out the earphones.

How does ANC work?

The ANC technology is dependent upon microphones. They listen to both inside and outside noise of the earphones.

Imagine sound as waves and the mics in active noise-cancelling headphones/earphones listen and detect these waves to create opposite sound waves to nullify it leaving you the audio from earphones.

But truth be told, it is easier said than done as sound waves have different frequencies and it is difficult to create the opposite one matching it exactly. However, some sounds match it almost perfectly like the traffic sound, the hum of the airplanes, group of people talking, loud announcements or any other sound that has a relatively set frequency.

Importance of ANC

Listening to loud sounds feels like an invasion of space and not only affects our hearing but reduces our concentration thereby our productivity, causes sleep deprivation and ultimately increases our body stress that has far-reaching consequences on our mental well-being. With the ANC activated and music playing, it not only becomes our perfect escape from the daily humdrum but also provides us with pure sound. That’s why we have noise-cancelling earphones that can be used in any setting.

ANC in real life

In workspace

ANC at work

ANC earphones are your best friends in the workplace after your office-bestie of course. They nullify the office chatter so you can get the work done with the much-needed quiet. Simply wear them and turn on the ANC mode.

While travelling

ANC at travel

Constant noise can take a toll on your ears. Honking, chattering, construction noises and even the traffic sound can be unnerving and that’s why we have noise-cancelling earphones as the perfect saviour. ANC combined with Transparency mode, lets you hear your surroundings when you want to.

At home

AMC at Home

After our stints with WFH, we know that even our homes can become the loudest of spaces and with nowhere else to go, donning your ANC earphones are the surest way to get some peace.

Noise Hearable

Noise Air Buds Pro

Latest in the Air Buds series, the Air Buds Pro has everything that you had been looking for. From Active Noise cancellation and transparency mode to 20-hour playtime to Hyper Sync™ technology to dual-mic system, it delivers on its promise of impeccable calls and complete entertainment.

Noise Buds Solo

Noise’s first Hybrid Active Noise cancellation (ANC) truly wireless earbuds – Buds Solo comes with a triple mic system that neutralises the noise and captures the sound perfectly. These lightweight earbuds deliver a total of 36 hours, has in-ear detection system along with transparency mode so you never miss out on a thing.