A Smart Way to Organize Your Travel Photos

Smart Way Organize Travel Photos

As a travel blogger and photographer, I take a lot of photos — and I mean A LOT. Depending on the day, or the trip, I can take anywhere from 50-400 photos…and that’s per day. Consider how many photos I take during an entire trip (eeeep!)

While it’s great to capture all those memories, it can be a real challenge to organize and manage them all once I’m back home. And talk about overwhelming.

Not only that, but throughout my years of traveling and documenting places, it hasn’t been easy to save and store images (I don’t even want to go into the many hard drives that have failed on me).

That leads me to the latest and greatest discovery: Mylio Photos! Mylio Photos is a powerful photo organizing and management tool that’s specifically designed for photographers and travelers like me.

I’ll dive into the details of how Mylio Photos works and share my own experience using it to organize my travel photos.

Without further ado, here’s the smart tool I use to organize my travel photos!