A portrait photoshoot with Star Trek’s Picard by Rory Lewis

Sir Patrick Stewart is reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard for the final time in the third season of the spin off show, Picard. The renowned actor gained fame for his portrayal of the USS Enterprise captain in 1987, and has remained a beloved fan favorite.

As a portrait and headshot photographer based in LA and New York, Rory Lewis had always assumed that the chances of photographing Sir Patrick Stewart were slim to none. However, after 24 years of dreaming, he was recently commissioned to take his portrait in Los Angeles.

Rory’s photography style emphasizes simplicity, with a focus on the eyes. He said he directed Sir Patrick to gaze across the lens, rather than into it. Sir Patrick quickly responded with a series of striking expressions.

After only 10 minutes of working with him, Rory said he was already pleased with the results. This allowed him to experiment and enjoy the last few minutes of the session. Rory asked Sir Patrick to channel the fierce, vengeful expressions of a calculated villain, rather than his familiar heroic roles. This resulted in a captivating and dynamic character, full of energy and animation.

Despite the short 20-minute session, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of Rory’s career. It gave him the opportunity to showcase his style of portraiture, work with an inspiring client, and capture the essence of a true British icon.

You can see more of Rory’s work on his website.